Ewa Mosc.

Hi, I'm Ewa - pronounced like Ewa Beach for those of you on O'ahu, or like Evan without the "n" if that doesn't sound familiar. I'm a visual artist and designer based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Originally from Warsaw, Poland, I spent my early years in France and studied art theory and art management in Paris. Before moving to Hawaii, I worked for 10 years in the fashion and luxury industry in New York at the design agency Baron & Baron as a photo researcher on campaigns for brands such as Dior, Armani or Calvin Klein and as a packaging designer for companies such as NARS and Coach. I later held the position of  Sr. Packaging Designer at Kendo Brands designing packaging for Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, Bite and Ole Henriksen. Prior to my design career I worked as a curatorial assistant at the International Center of Photography on the Richard Avedon retrospective in 2009.

As my story suggests, I have always been passionate about beauty in all its forms - beautiful places, beautiful objects, beautiful images. This ongoing search for beauty and a desire to live closer to nature is what led me to explore Hawaii and settle on the island of O'ahu. It is also what makes me pursue drawing and photography. My art captures scenes from everyday life in Hawaii - my home, my garden, my favorite places, scenes observed on my hikes and adventures throughout the islands.

I use black pen to infuse strong contrast and modernity to my illustrations. The unforgiving nature of working with a pen, knowing you can't erase, challenges me to trust the creative process. Besides, there is nothing like the feeling of pen against paper - especially in these digital times... I base my scenes on my own pictures. This process allows me to marry my two passions - drawing and photography.

Through my work, I aim to celebrate the magic of Hawaii, the beauty of simple moments and the peaceful pleasure of quiet contemplation. I like to infuse my images with a subtle narrative, as if it was a frame taken from a movie, where the human presence is either implied or discreet - letting the viewer imagine the story behind the picture.

The deeper meaning behind my images is to promote and celebrate a simpler lifestyle in harmony with the natural world. Environmental protection is very important to me and through my art, I explore and celebrate the importance of nature in our lives.

If you would like to collaborate, please reach out at contact@ewamosc.com

Here are the services I offer:
- custom illustrations
- photography
- branding and art direction
- graphic design
- packaging design
- industrial design

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